Thursday, May 1, 2008

the big question

today, i asked myself this question.
and the verdict is still out. so my sweatshirt is in the laundry basket, just to be safe.


Cray and Bickford Family said...


I saw a clip from the upcoming movie with Tina Fay (Baby Mama??).

Mother: "Is that chocolate or poop"

Kid doesn't answer

Mom takes a lick: "Just chocolate"

Oh what we will do as mothers and what we put up with!

Dominic said...

What? Doesn't snot figure into it, too?

David said...

Yes, snot...the drool and peepee I could always handle gracefully, but it was the snot and dried boogies on my shoulder that always grossed me out the most. And of course you never realize that you have that mystery goo on you until you see yourself in the mirror at the end of the day, and realize that you've been walking around in public all day with a big disgusting streak of yuckiness on your shirt. It goes with the turf I guess.

Anonymous said...

Well, the thing is, snot has a different consistency than pee or drool, so it's easier to distinguish.

Vomit is definitely my least favorite bodily substance to deal with. Well, wait, explosive poop is right up there. Hard to decide which is worse, vomit or explosive liquid poop.

Oh, the joys of motherhood.

David said...

Hey, hey, hey..."The joys of motherhood"?? Let's not forget the Daddies here now. The days when Mommy stayed home and raised the kids pretty much all be her lonesome are mostly gone, ladies. I dare say that I changed more diapers than my wife and had just as many shirts discolored as any on you, by golly!

I feel the need to make a stand for all the under-appreciated Papas out there who also got up in the middle of the night, wiped off assorted disgusting bodily excretions, and missed many a beer-and-bowling night because you don't take babies to the pub or the alley (well, maybe the alley, but not the pub dangit!).

Michael Keaton's "Mr. Mom" wasn't just some Hollywood movie for many of was a documentary, baby!

"explosive liquid poop"...oh, that is a phrase I intend to use...that's good.

Tracee said...

highlights for children? Bleck! You need a much racier gig. Maybe that old magazine Bust -are they still printing.

Hanie said...

I second what the first poster (cray & bickford family) said!

Your sense of humour is infectious, and your drawing is so.. alive! I'll make this a regular visit :)