Wednesday, August 22, 2007

the best gift ever

okay, so my husband just gave me the coolest thing in the universe, it is a toothbrush that plays "rock n roll all night" (the best song ever!) by KISS (i am not making this up, look)
AND the sound comes out of the brush head itself, so the music literally plays inside your head. anyway, it's supposed to get you to brush for 2 full minutes, but the irony is, as a haggard parent, i don't get 2 minutes to myself for anything. fortunately, i can't hear anything else while using it...
ps. i awkwardly drew this on the computer tablet while holding the baby. see above comment.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

safe swearing

must...maintain...composure in front of...children... (i actually did this one sort-of recently, compared to the others from a few years ago...these aren't posted in order)

Saturday, August 4, 2007

ice cream is the new alcohol

because sugar overload is okay while pregnant...

my boss is mean (a series)

my boss is mean #2

my boss is mean #3

my boss is mean #4

tina's homemade breast implants (a series)

homemade breast implants #2

homemade breast implants #3

these crazy things!

homemade breast implants #4

and their effect on my workload...

a true story

the time i tried to get a job on spongebob...

pregnant tina turnaround

a model sheet for the other board artists...

r.i.p. joey ramone

A true story.

the "hey, let's find a job" game

p.s. i need a job
UPDATE: now you can buy this piece as a mousepad or fancy schmancy framed print! Shop here:
Thanks for feeding Tina!