Thursday, December 6, 2007

for kim, who injured herself and lived to blog about it

so i had breakfast with my pal kim this morning, and we were joking about our blogs and how most of everything that happens to us ends up posted in cyberspace for any number of random strangers (well, and friends too). anyway, at the time i hadn't read her post yesterday about her accident-prone day, so i thought i'd illustrate it for her now.
ps. i laughed out loud when i drew this, which is sort of embarrassing.
pps. yes, i know i didn't draw the reflection in the mirror. i am lazy.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

a video

public service announcement: okay, so carson made me watch this, and now i'm making you watch it, because it's really great and everyone should watch this. ken robinson addresses creativity in schools, and he is actually really funny too.

saint nick comes tonight, whoever he is

oh man, I DON'T KNOW! so, okay, tonight (Dec. 5th), saint nick comes to put a couple little treats (usually candy, a little toy, and an orange) in your stocking if you have been good. if not you get coal (for making a snowman! yay!), OR (so i've read) if you've been very bad, a spanking, and if you've been REALLY bad, he will take you away in a sack. sleep tight, kids!
anyhoo, we've always celebrated st nick's growing up (apparently a regional thing, who knew?) but i don't know: are saint nick and santa claus the same? or are they pals? brothers? acquaintances? rivals? saint nicholas rides a white horse, santa has a sleigh with reindeer. cripes. i think i'm going with brothers (which i have just totally made up). is it too early for egg nog?
help me out, people!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

ebay christmas

that little brother is costing me more than he's worth these days. (or so it would seem.)

Saturday, December 1, 2007

lullaby of the inept mother

i am on baby #3 and my repertoire consists of a few commercial jingles and the "banana splits" theme. sometimes i actually make them start crying when i sing.