Tuesday, April 29, 2008

rejection letters!

click to enlarge, if you dare!
and you know what, J-Ro? i don't even care anymore that Harry Potter was rejected by a dozen publishers. boo hoo. i need to buy diapers and toilet paper and the only marginally useful skill i have is drawing. and it's not even that much of a skill. o highlights, why will you not let me draw your hidden picture?


Kenny P. said...

Hang in there, Amy.

But, seriously folks, would you be open to doing animation type freelance if I hear of any?

Mea said...

Need for diapers aside, Highlights is a damn dull mag. Just sayin'

There are approximately a zillion kids mags. . . keep tryin' someone who makes decisions out there must have a brain. (the trick is finding them of course)

David said...

Highlights!? Isn't that the magazine that has or used to have the adventures of the poorly drawn and even more poorly written Goofus and Gallant? If so, then I'd consider their rejection to be a point of pride in your portfolio.

sheree said...

LOL --- we've all been there --- i had one of my promo postcards sent back to me from an art director that took the time (god bless his soul) to write in bold letters "do not send me your work ever again!" --- it was a real self esteem booster. It was a children's magazine as well, fancy that. ---

There should be a blog for artists so we can post all of our horror rejection letter moments.

sheree said...

oh i also just wanted to say --- i think you are one of the most creative people out there and why you would ever get a rejection letter is beyond me --- you are way too talented for that bit of silliness.

Cray and Bickford Family said...

My heart goes out to you, Tina!

Though it doesn't pay the bills, know that you are making my life more enjoyable every time you "update yer blog" :)

You remind me of the funnies that are such a part of being a stay-at-home mom (but we all forget).

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Tina, rejection sucks. :(

Imagine Lynda's reaction to your work, surely it would be, "Gooood, goooood," in her soothing tone. And she'd be right, it's great, I just wish someone with lots of money would figure that out soon.

Also, I hardly even know you and already I know it's not true that drawing is your only skill. For instance, you are dang good at berating children. :)

David said...

Sheree: "There should be a blog for artists so we can post all of our horror rejection letter moments."


I'm going to begin working on that immediately. What a fun idea.

Dominic said...

You should consider sending them a rejection letter! It's the publishers, editors and art directors who need to experience rejection from creative people!

David said...

Tina, did you get my emails from a couple days ago concerning Stumpjack ideas?

Sharon Spotbottom said...

Go Tina, GO Tina, Go Tina.
One of your true talents is in depicting the absurdity of your life experience with honesty and humor making it relatable to us all.
I can see them drawn on a large brick wall by a subway in a city somewhere.
(Dom's idea is a smashing one.Hilarious. When you write/draw it please publish here :)
Go Tina, go Tina, Go Tina.