Monday, May 12, 2008

tina versus a tiny creature

true story! another multipanel extravaganza. i apologize (well, not really) for the bad drawings but i was holding a gigantic crying baby and arguing with a two-year-old while drawing it. i have a mental backlog of a bunch of other post-its but had to get this one out first.
also (unrelated) while i was checking email last night i heard this. which was pretty cool. see, i don't hate all wildlife.


David said...

Har! I have to tell you my "wildlife" experience of this morning...true story.

Now bear in mind that I have been an outdoorsman from diaper days (in fact, I think my first diaper was made of tree bark and rawhide strips)...bowhunt,trapped critters for fur, portaged the Canadian wilderness, live off the land, build a fire with flint and steel, the whole mountainman shebang... And yet this morning my inner "civilized" gentlemanly self took charge. As I uncranked the porch table umbrella (which has been tied down since last fall) I thought to myself, "This thing has been closed and tied down for months, hence it might the perfect crib for spideys and bats."

As I'm thinking that very thought, a small (though beguilingly motivated) dried brown leaf drops from the opening umbrella and lightly touches my hand. I, of course, shout a loud expletive that drowns out the sound of the house-siding guys next door working with table saws, and jump backward maybe 3 feet while doing my best Jet Li impersonation (I totally kicked that leaf's butt).

After realizing I had attracted the attention of all of my neighbors I immediately thought I should probably do some wood chopping or post hole digging in the backyard, whilst smoking a fat cigar, just to regain some semblance of my now damaged manly reputation.

Cray and Bickford Family said...

Oh, we are sharing wildlife stories...

My best (that totally relates to this wonderfully drawn strip) comes from when I was about 8 or so.

While walking through the woods/bushes (that I was not suppose to be walking through) I stepped on a hornet's nest. Being unaware of the nest and knowing that if you stand still and don't bother the bee they leave you alone, I stood very still...

After being attacked by (at least) a dozen hornets my father came to my rescue.

My father got his revenge that night by lighting the bushes on fire...those hornets never stung me again :)

Then there was the time that the bat got in the house and I hid in the bathroom crying, "I want my Daddy" (my husband loves that story as it only occurred a few years ago)...I was clutching my son at the time.

I love this one Tina and it amazes me what you are able to sketch out while holding a screaming baby!

David said...

Yeah, I love those old bits of folk wisdom..."Stand still and they won't bother you" was surely invented by someone who didn't like kids and knew that "Run like hell!" was really the more sound advice.

I bet everyone has a great bat and bee story somewhere in their history. What a wonderful ability human beings have to turn the momentarily horrifying into comedic story telling later on. And not many do it visually better or more charmingly that Tina does.

tina kugler said...

we totally had a bat in our patio umbrella last year! carson was able to take cover inside and stick a broom handle out of the screen door, and tap the umbrella till it flew away. my outdoor friends are limited to frogs & toads & earthworms. i am afraid of pretty much everything else. (unless it's, you know, at the zoo.)
also thanks for the great chow, that one is in my mental post-it queue.

Anonymous said...

My 4 year old liked this one almost as much as I did. Especially the stomping part. :)

Dominic said...

You've answered the burning question of our time:

Reports of catastrophic declines in the bee population have scientists buzzing. Is it mites? GM crops? Mobile phones? Habitat loss?


It's rampaging moms!!!

Kenny P. said...

Derek Iversen stomped on a bee for no good reason yesterday. I gave him a hard time. I made him feel terrible.

tina kugler said...

good work, kenny. i think derek is one of the few adults i have ever actually yelled at (while sober, even). he kicked a lit firecracker under our car at a party.

Rob Christianson said...

this comic is one of the best things I've ever seen. Love it!! Plus, +300 points while doing it and holding a crying baby! Love your work, Tina