Wednesday, October 22, 2008

yet another something to tide you over: classic bollywood

my kids' current favorite song of all time:

okay, so, this song is actually on the Ghost World soundtrack, which we have on the ipod in the car...apparently it sounds close enough to the old Neal Hefti Batman theme to the children (who are obsessed with the '60s Adam West Batman) so it is known as The Batman Song and we have to listen to it on the way to school every morning. (the best part of the morning commute is the 3-year-old belting it out in mock Hindi.)

also, i still feel sorry for that poor girl shaking her head through the whole thing.


Dominic said...

You and your kids have great taste! The clip is on my iPhone! : )

KentuckyBlues said...

Well, I suppose listening to that every day is better than listening to the real batman theme everyday (though the dance remix is okay)