Tuesday, October 7, 2008

the great house search

so we are looking for a new house. actually, with the current credit freeze, we are looking for a kind soul to lease us their house for a year and then we will cheerfully buy it.
everything in our price range has ONE glaring thing wrong with it:
cute house, no yard.
cute house, haunted. tiny living room. also no yard.
huge yard, but the house may fall down. sigh.

update: we found one we want to buy! BUT! see below for giant crisis!

ALSO- is there anyone in the Manitowoc area with minor carpentry skillz that will accept payment in artwork and/or a deferred payment plan? we need help to finish a project, and can't list the house till it's done, but we can't pay to HAVE it done till we sell the house. anybody? please? help?

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Kenny P. said...

I wish you well. That's all I can do...