Thursday, February 14, 2008

tina in stereo

now you can pretend to hang out with me!
note the fancy new "radio tina" box on your right- just press play & i will impose my musical interests upon you from afar.
i found this on my pal rob's blog. they don't have everything available yet (no pixies? breeders? valaida snow? BUT they do have the theme from the munsters, so yay) and some are weird "live" versions (sorry) but it is pretty cool.
so listen to it while you visit me here & wade through my's just like you are trapped in my car, but without the fear of pain and death!
also, you can click on the little icon in the lower right corner of the box and it will open in a separate window, so you can STILL enjoy the crap i like while you are doing things other than reading my blog. lucky you.


Sharon Spotbottom said...

thats neat teens!

Anonymous said...

i can hardly wait for new breeders music

Kenny P. said...


Dominic said...

DJ Tina K, my nizzle, fo' shizzle!