Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"foreclosure" is the new "f" word

the REAL ending to the "let's find a job game." is anybody out there?


Dominic said...

"faith" is the new "f" word... you're extremely talented and funny (the other "f" word) and will be working and earning soon. Have faith in your talent and skills. As you know, it's the "g" word that's problematic... "geography."

Have you and Carson checked out Minneapolis? It's supposed to be the third largest television commercial/entertainment venue in the country, along with Chicago.

tina kugler said...

yes, carson's sister & her husband just moved there...we have been trying but no luck as of yet.
btw, we have been using the "old"
"f" word quite a bit regarding our current work situation...ha

Jessica said...

Tina, that just sucks, I'm sorry you're having such a hard time finding something. You really are so hilarious!! And I love your artwork too. I really hope that this turns around.....

And it was so nice of you to give me that award. I love reading your blogs too.

Kenny P. said...

I wish I were in a position to give you work.

I've never seen a skeleton with a big butt.

Sharon Spotbottom said...

Someone i know just took a low paying, mind numbing job at a grocery store for the same reasons you depict so cleverly here.
Original 'f' word still applies.
But new 'f' word might be transposed. Let's see how that sounds shall we, "This faithing sucks". "It is so faithed up man". "Hey faith you and yer little dog too".

Keeping the faith nonetheless!