Thursday, December 6, 2007

for kim, who injured herself and lived to blog about it

so i had breakfast with my pal kim this morning, and we were joking about our blogs and how most of everything that happens to us ends up posted in cyberspace for any number of random strangers (well, and friends too). anyway, at the time i hadn't read her post yesterday about her accident-prone day, so i thought i'd illustrate it for her now.
ps. i laughed out loud when i drew this, which is sort of embarrassing.
pps. yes, i know i didn't draw the reflection in the mirror. i am lazy.


Persimmons Gal said...

Thanks for illustrating that Tina and not my disgustingly messy car you had to ride in.

Dominic said...

Please draw your friend's car next, Tina. "Disgustingly messy" is always fun.

Greg said...

That is so cool. I like Molly.

Tracee said...

you're illustrations are very funny.